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The Best of DEFCON 7 (HNC Network)

Published 1999

Immortality Video Presents: The Best of Defcon 7. A production by the HNC Network. Documentary released in 1999 of the DEFCON 7 Hacking Conference. Sequences include: Extended Interview with Jeff Moss (The Dark Tangent), Sumo Wrestling, Extended Interview with Noid, Hacker Jeopardy, Say Hello to HackCanada, Interview with Random Hackers, Extended Interview with the NightStalker, Say Hello to Space Rogue, Say Hello to Kevin Poulsen, Cult of the Dead Cow Release BO2K. Produced by Charel, Shanners, Tim Holister, Darwin. Edited by Brian J. Straus. 1999 from H.N.C. Productions.

Language English


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